25 COLUMNS – Plintsberg

The project for this house is conceived as a simple scheme: two horizontal wooden slabs held up by a grid of 25 columns. The decision to locate the building in the middle of the plot, lower than the street level, makes it only partly visible from the road, to fully become part of the landscape. The natural slope of the site is freed by any construction except for the landings of the wooden columns. To underline the simplicity of its form and design the materials are reduced to the necessary; slabs and columns are exposed to weather conditions and will age naturally to blend in with the surroundings. The roof is the first element when approaching the house and needs an appropriate amount of attention and refinement. It is covered in matt pre-aged aluminum, which protects the wooden slab. The roof carries three elements: the chimney and two matt aluminum folding screens opening up the roof. One of them is filtering direct sunlight above the skylight and the other is giving privacy to the roof terrace. The lake-sided part of the house has an open matt aluminum staircase that connects sundeck, winter garden, and outdoor natural terrace. The plan of the house is organized by the grid of 25 columns. 4 glazed volumes (3 bedrooms and a winter garden) are placed meticulously within this field. The space is treated as an open plan with freestanding objects such as a kitchen, fireplace, and storage, completing the program of this holiday house.


2019 –


Plintsberg, SE






200 m2


Lise Coirier, Gian Giuseppe Simeone / Spazio Nobile Gallery


Agnas Ark, UTIL, INTEC

Design team

Kersten Geers, David Van Severen, Leander Venlet, Seppe Claes, Clemens Urban